Heta Scan Line Green 200 Series

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A silent and effective pellet stove

Cast iron convection air heat exchanger. Cast iron door

21Kg – Large pellet tank capacity.


Both the window and the view to the flames is much bigger that you usually see on pellet stoves, because Heta’s new pellet stove has a unique combustion chamber. The Clean Burn technology ensures an efficiency on and impressive 97%.

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Scan-Line Green 200 looks like a wood-burning stove, gives the same experience and is available in so many variants, that it fits any type of decor and style. Steel, soapstone, sandstone and 42 different colours of ceramics.

Thanks to a special convection element, the Scan-Line Green 200 blows out hot air from 3,5 kW to 9,0 kW.




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