Heta Tipi Small

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Tipi in the smallest size, 96 cm, from HETA.

Fire has always fascinated man, and it stille does. Live fire calms the soul and provides a cozy setting after a hard days work. The Tipi from HETA gives a comfortable warmth on cool summer nights. It is practical, easy to use, easy to clean and lastly very environmentally friendly.

With this, children can roast all kinds of treats over the fire.

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HETA Tipi has a sculptural effect regardless of the time of year. It is designed for the temperate climates wind and rain, meaning that it can stand outside all year long and still look great.

It is made from a special type of steel, Cor-Ten steel, which is highly suited for outdoor use.

HETA also offers a Grill and a galvanized steel plate for this product.



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