Dimplex Vivente 125

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Dimplex Vivente 125

3 installation options: 3 sizes, 1-, 2- or 3-sided decorative fireplace
Revillusion flame technology: Doubles the visual depth of the firebox
Flame Connect App: Available for your smartphone
Mood Lighting themes: 8 ambient lighting themes built-in, with the option to fully cusomise your own theme through the app
Flame effects: color changing flame effects
Back panel: 4 back panel options to suit your decor
Fuel bed options: 2 fuel bed options – tradiational ceramic log set and clear crystals
Anti-reflective glass
Crackling sound effect: Real flame crackling sound effect
ComfortSaver: Energy efficient 1.5kW heater, offering up to 11% saving
SmartSense technology: to detect room movement
Timer: 7-day programmable timer



Dimplex Vivente 125

Vivente offers a truly unique 3D flame effect as well as the sound of real crackling flames and allows you to have fun with its captivating features including eight illumination effects and many different colour lighting options, which enables you to create a bespoke centrepiece to suit your home and mood. Every function can be controlled from your smartphone via our new ‘Flame Connect’ app.

From heat output to flame intensity and even colour, all can be adjusted with the touch of a finger. The fire’s Bluetooth remote also gives full control of the many features and allows you to enjoy the enchanting flame effect without any heat.

This exclusive range of fires comes in three sizes 750, 1000 & 1500 and offers three layout options: a single glass panel for a striking front-facing fire, two panels for a dynamic corner installation, or three panels for a truly panoramic effect. Each fire also includes 4 different liner options for the back panel and a choice of ceramic logs, ash dust or crystal pieces for the fuel bed design creating a stunning fireside glow.



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