The Perla Wood Pellet Stove

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This 7.5KW pellet stove is compact and together with the opaque and rough colours of its front mantelpiece make it possible to position in any kind of room.

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Perla Wood Pellet Stove Features

Total heat output Max 7.5 kW – Min 3.4 kW
Nominal heat output Max 6,5 kW – Min 3 kW
Efficiency Pmax 88,5% – Pmin 90,5%
CO emission at 13% O2 Pmax 0,010% – Pmin 0,028%
Pellet consumption Max 1.57 kg/h – Min 0.7 kg/h
Reservoir capacity 12 kg
Heatable room volume 70 – 160 mc
Minimum distances from flammable walls Side: 300mm – Back: 100mm – Front Side: 1000mm
Voltage / Frequency 230 V / 50 Hz
Rated input power 360 W
Cast iron heating chamber Steel
Complies with EN14785 – BImSchV II – 15a B-VG – LRV/VKF
Flue outlet Rear or Side
Remote control Optional
GPRS module for switching on remotely Optional
WIFI module for remote control Optional
Platforms for protection Optional



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